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The Black Parents Workshop is committed to serving as an active and persistent advocate on behalf of Black children in our community and lending our voice to other communities seeking to improve the life chances of Black children and youth. We are a firm believer in the right to protest and voice our opposition to policies and practices that are harmful to the healthy development of Black children. As an organization committed to local action and change, the Black Parents Workshop will align itself with allied organizations who are working to protect our children. We will also utilize all available tools to bring about the systemic change necessary to drive institutional reforms that will result in the equitable treatment of Black children.   

Equity Now! Newsletter

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Protest demanding the release of audio transmissions and videotape related to the July 5, 2016 incident in which the Maplewood Police Department herded Black children out of town after the Independence Day fireworks.


Your Vote Matters

There is a simple way to hold the Board of Education accountable – VOTE! The act of casting your ballot in the local School Board election is the easiest and most efficient way to mandate the priorities of our local school system.

However, it is just the first step. Following an election, we must be active parents and be present at Board of Education meetings and in our schools to hold administrators and educators accountable. Voting has a high ROI (return on investment) because it allows us to determine the qualities and values of the individuals we want determining education policy in our community. 


If you are registered, vote. If you are not registered, register and be prepared to cast your vote. If you are not sure of your registration status, call the County Board of Elections.   

You are a taxpayer and the majority of your local tax dollars is allocated to support our public-school district. These are your tax dollars the Board of Education uses to run our local schools. When you don’t vote, you are essentially giving your money away with no input on how it is spent

And, if your child is not in one of our public schools, your tax dollars are still being used to support our local public education system. It is to your advantage to have a say in how your taxes are spent.   School Board elections are held in November, when other elected offices are up for consideration. Don’t sit out the election and then complain about the quality of education and services your child is receiving. Voting is your responsibility as an adult. It is also a commitment to your child and all children in our community. When you fail to vote in a School Board election, you have failed our children.   


Announcements & Notices

The deadline for candidates to file petitions for the November School Board election is July 31, 2017.

Election Information

Maplewood Polling Sites

Maplewood Municipal Building

574 Valley Street

Districts: 1, 6

Google Locator  

The Woodland (formerly Maplewood Woman’s Club)

60 Woodland Road

Districts: 2, 17  

Google Locator

Clinton School

Gym, Door #11

27 Berkshire Road

Districts: 4, 10, 14, 16, 22 

Google Locator 

Prospect Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall) 

646 Prospect Street

Districts: 5, 15, 19,20 

Google Locator

Morrow Memorial Church

(Entrance Baker Street) 

800 Ridgewood Road

Districts: 7, 8

Google Locator

Maplewood Community Center (DeHart Park)

120 Burnett Avenue

Districts: 9, 11, 12, 13, 21    

Google Locator


South Orange Polling Sites

Fr. Vincent Monella Center

133 Fairview Avenue 

District: 1 

Google Locator

Marshall School


262 Grove Road

District: 2, 10

Google Locator  

South Orange Middle School


70 N. Ridgewood Road

District: 3, 13

Google Locator  

Our Lady of Sorrows Church

Lower Church

(Entrance on 4th Street)     

217 Prospect Street   

Google Locator

The Baird Community Center

5 Mead Street 

Districts: 6, 8 

Google Locator 

South Mountain Annex


112 Glenview Road 

District: 7

Google Locator 

First Presbyterian & Trinity Church 

111 Irvington Avenue

District: 9, 11   

Google Locator

Seton Hall University 

Walsh Library 

400 South Orange Avenue

District: 12

Google Locator 


Voter Assistance

Essex County Board of Elections 

Essex County Hall of Records 

Room 411 

465 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Newark, NJ 07102 

(973) 621-5070 

Google Locator 

Office of the Secretary of State Elections Division

33 W. State Street, #4 

Trenton, NJ 08608

(609) 292-3760

Google Locator 

Office of the State Attorney General 

Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex 25 Market Street

Trenton, NJ 

(609) 292-4925

Google Locator 

Recent Election Results


Johanna   L. WRIGHT   9,136   23.33%    

Susie   S. ADAMSON   8,265   21.11%     

Stephanie   M. LAWSON-MUHAMMAD   9,431   24.08%

James   Henry DAVIS, III   5,162   13.18%    

Anthony   MAZZOCCHI   7,066 18.04%

Write-In   98   0.25%     Total   39,158   100.00%   



Marian   C. RAAB   1,497   9.03%

Shannel   ROBERTS   1,175   7.09%

Dorcas   LIND   773   4.67%

Annemarie   MAINI   2,891 17.45%

Madhu   PAI   2,347   14.17%  

Elissa   I. MALESPINA   1,236   7.46%     

Margaret   FREEDSON   1,892   11.42% 

Christopher   H. SABIN   2,807   16.94%    

Wayne   EASTMAN   1,913   11.55%

     Write-In   38   0.23%     Total   16,569   100.00%     


Elizabeth   A. BAKER   6,446   31.33%    

Donna   SMITH   6,012   29.22% 

Maureen   E. JONES   6,060   29.46%     

Godwin   MOLOKWU   1,989   9.67%     

Write-In   65   0.32%     Total   20,572   100.00%